Cambodia First Female Frisbee League

I was from a non-sports background family, my parents aren’t big fans of the sport. They didn’t even allow me to play sport for the first time but I broke the rule to follow my passion and play as many sports as I could. I was introduced to frisbee in 2013 and was fell in love during 2016.

From frisbee, I got any opportunities to travel abroad and play with many other international players. Frisbee became one of my most favorite sport to play.  Because of this reason, I decided to join the Cambodia First Female Frisbee League exploration to bring rural girls into sport, break the barriers of boys and girls and change the cultural norms.  

This is a year-long exploration. We worked as hard to bring this girl into the field. Our timeline was up and down. There was a time when we stuck but everyone brought their positive attitude and thoughts towards discussion which made our team grow and continue to reach our goal. 

Currently, we are working with four schools in four random teams. We train them once a week on Saturday. So far we conducted more than 10 official training and exhibitions. We are planning to run our league at the start of June. We will be hosting our final league in August and we hope more than 1k people will show up. 

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Our impact measurement for this exploration are Liger, Villages, Girls, Schools, Government, International, and Sponsor community. One of my impact measurement was writing an essay, here is a quick overview:

The Overcoming Fear

“Girls, get off the field! We need to train for a tomorrow
football match!”

A loud sound coming out from one of the boys in the
government school soccer team. A field that supposes to open
for public but changed into a single-gender public. The 
field that had always dominant by the group we called 
brother, boyfriend, uncle, and dad!

“What’s wrong about us sharing the field?”

A tiny sound of one girl tried to seek out the opportunity
for her gender group. A fear that tells more than one form
of the story through the blurry tears in her eyes.

“You girls are just not good enough!”

A sound of the big brother, boyfriend, uncle and dad,
laughed at a group of female that asks to share the field.
A moment that the male group celebrating the victory of 
winning the field from the female group. Memories that 
delivered one message: “Girls just not good enough!”

That was a time that she experienced.

That was a time that she cried.

That was a time that she upset to be born as a girl.

That was a time that she learned to be stronger.

That was a time that she learned to pursue further no 
matter what. 

“Don’t you think you can’t play? Umm.. and don’t wear sports
jersey it doesn’t look swag on you girls!”

A sentence that used to speak from one mouth to mouth 
that became a habit from generation to generation. 

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