Technovation Mentorship

During 2016 I was apart of the technovation girls challenge participant and now, 2019 I was apart of the technovation mentors. I am so happy to be able to work with my second cohorts to guide them and mentor them through the whole technovation 12 weeks long. 

I was assigned to work with one of the teams with the other two mentors. It was my first mentoring so I already knew that not everything will be great and yes, not everything was great. There were times, they stuck, they broke down, they upset, they cried but we all pushed them back up. The word competition means, challenge, goal, and achievement. Nothing is a failure for any competition, if not today it will be next time. 

I was inspired when I was a participant that is why I decided to be a mentor for this challenge. It is ain’t easy like people think the mentor is. The mentor has a task which is not to tell the answer to the students. But most of the time I broke the rules 🙂

Throughout this process, I’ve learned one lesson in life. It is all about believe in yourself and forgives yourself. Nobody else going to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. It all starts from you, me and each individual. Technovation is for girls and those girls should take this as pleasant and should continue to look forward to opportunities like this to help their country to become a better one. 



Careers Exploration Day

On the 2nd of May, I was very excited to join the ISPP Careers Exploration day. It was about one and a half hour long event which each of us get to rotate into different careers classrooms and listen to speeches. There are total of 12 speakers and I only got a chance to select four of them to listen so out of the 12, I chose Ms. Tean Ly, ​Head of Global Subsidiaries and Financial Institutions Group at ANZ – Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Mr. Charles-Henri Chevet, General Manager Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, Mr. Bill Smith – lawyer Deputy Co-Prosecutor at the Extraordinary Chambers in the
Courts of Cambodia and lastly Nanda Gasparini – Cultural Anthropologist Independent Consultant. There were my two favorite speakers which were Ms. Tean Ly and Nanda Gasparini.

At that day the first person I met was Ms. Tean Ly, the ​Head of Global Subsidiaries and Financial Institutions Group at ANZ – Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. Her life was such a pleasant that she got so many support from her surrounding, thus that she also having so many opportunities in her life which not many of us have. So her life journey continue and she decided to move into Cambodia which was her parents original homeland. She told us that she learned a couple lessons along her life adventure from doing job in bank and her earlier job in other sector. An example of a lesson she learned was learning how to use excel. During her last minute of talk, she gave us one piece of advice which said, find someone who have the skill that we want to learn from and ask them lots of questions, build a strong bond and good relationship with anyone we meet and try to make it last long.

Another one was  Nanda Gasparini – Cultural Anthropologist
Independent Consultant; she also have an interesting life story. During her speech she told everyone that, we must be and need to be that person who always said yes to the opportunity that has given. We never know what will happen in the future but while we are having chances to pursue for our future careers, take it as an experience better than left those opportunity out from our hands.

This experience have helped me personally, to learned and understand that no matter what happen in life, find people who are skillful in the sector we want to be and built relationship, be that “YES” person and always try my best, so that one day that handwork will pay off a worth full consequence. Which make sense that, my future is depend on me to find my own best-fit. 

Listening to TedxISPP 2017

On November 25th of 2017, I was pleased to be apart of the audience for Tedx ISPP 2017. I got invited from a friend of mind who’s one of the speaker, his talk was about the Impact of ICT field in Cambodia. I was inspired by him and the others speakers who’s gave their talk such things that gets a lot of my attention. This experience guide me to understand how youth in Cambodia are starting to involve in this kind of talk where they take their idea and inputs for the audience in relation to the big theme of, “Creating a hopeful future.”

Cryptocurrency Presentation

During Tuesday 14th of 2017,  I went to listen to a presentation which talks about the Cryptocurrency system in the world and most specifically in Cambodia. Two of the guys were explaining about how Bit-Coin has inspired them to come up with a new digital currency in Cambodia. Satoshi Nakamoto is the man who’s created the first Bit-coin. What bitcoin is, is that it a decentralized digital currency that uses the block-chain technology.  Historically, people are happen to have a lack of coincidence of wants. Way back then, there are some solution due to barters with money:  

Acceptable, Scarce, Durable, Fungible, Uniform, Store of Value. Moreover, the objective theory of value of a good is based on the individual’s subjective perception. By having Bitcoin there are some values to it such as: fair, inexpensive to sent, easy to sent and decently private. Lastly, the two guys stated that, bitcoin is useful as money: 1. No intermediary, 2. High quality data, 3. Durability, reliability and longevity.

Live Singing During White Building Event

Singing is one of my most favorite thing to do. On Thursday, November 9th, I has got an opportunity to go and perform a song for White Building Event at The Meta House. I was singing with the others two of my friends and got a friend sitting and playing the guitar.  The title of the song is ” White Building My Memory”


This is a small shot from my performance:

Vietnam Ultimate Mekong Cup 2017

On the 28th of October, I am pleased to participate in the Mekong Cup in Vietnam. This tournament lasts for two days. Many teams came from different countries such as: Taiwan, US, Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and more. All the teams were very competitive and collaborative, they took this tournament very serious but also mixed with humor. This experience has leaded me to the next level of understanding of playing ultimate Frisbee. My past experience when I played in Philippine, I rarely touches the disc and I didn’t get to score any point however, this tournament is different , I got to touch more disc, passed more disc and score four points in the whole tournament. I am also very proud of my team because we won the game with Taiwanese team.  We won them by eight to five points. I am so happy to be apart of the team and help to build the team to thrive to the good point.

Model United Nations – ISPPMUN 2017

During October 20, 2017 I was so happy to be apart of the International School of Phnom Penh Model United Nation (ISPPMUN) of 2017. At the conference I represented as the delegate of the United State of America. This event lasts for three days, which were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My committee was General Assembly 1 which were discussing about the topics of, the question of regulating small arms and lights weapons proliferation, the questions of using private military and security company, and last is, the role of resilient healthcare in global security. On the second day I worked with many other delegates to finish up our resolution on the topic relates to resilient healthcare. We then have the debate section where all the delegates in the room involved in discussing on our resolution. Some of the delegates have made the amendments to add or strike or amend different clauses. This was my second times of participation as the delegate and I felt that every year I learn more and more about how this MUN system is run like and understand the flow of debating. The experience that gain from this event is the collaboration, hard work, competition between us and the other delegates. On the third day of the conference there was a plenary section, which were debating on the resolution that I have made with my others five delegates. I was able to go up on the big stage and talk to the multitude of people and as I talk I can see that there are more than 200 pairs of eyes were staring at me. It was terrified to me but I was so happy to be apart of this big conference and the chance to represent as the delegate of USA from Liger Leadership Academy.

This is my resolution that were discussed the plenary section:

AOUGCC Championship Philippine

During August 18, 2017, I was pleased to travel to Manila the capital city of the Philippine to participate in Asian Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC). It was three days of competing the ultimate frisbee, many teams were from Asian and Oceanic countries such as: Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Cambodia and many more. That was my first time competing in the international competition. It was a great experience to see many people involved in this sport and I am proud of my team that we were there to represent Cambodia. Many players were adults unlike us, Liger’s students. After many games, the others teams asked us, “how old are you guy?” We told them that we are 15 years old; many of them were shock and was delighted to see young Cambodian girls participate in this big competition. The experience that obtained from this competition made me to be stronger in athlete and proud to be born as Cambodia and bring Cambodia name out to the world in this contemporary day.

Presenting at Youth with Impact

In June of 2017, I was selected to be one of the speaker at the Impact Hub Youth Talk in Phnom Penh. During the talk, I was explained to the audience about how have programming the app and coding website, affect my perspective as a youth. I has spoken in Khmer language to the audience since many of them were Cambodian. I showed them my projects and explained each one by one. One of my big highlights  from this Youth Talk was that many of them were so interested in this technology, they asked many questions after my presentation which seems to me that Cambodia have many human resource in our society. At first I was scared and worry but soon after, I get used to it and not even think about anything. From this experience one thing that I learned is people are passionate and want to explore in this kind of new technology, however they just doesn’t have those resource to buy or to learn from, so by spreading this words out to young Cambodian, hopefully they will carry out their passion and will help to contribute good thing to this country.

Submitting Film

This is one of my activity that I worked with my Liger friends, this activity is about Filming. It was such a fun time and good experience to act in their movie and learn so many things from them.

Below is the movie: Enjoy!