Consent Video (Critical Teen Issues)

Earlier in the year, I posted one post about one of the explorations I was involved in which was the critical teen issues. One of the topics that we were discussing was consent. Consent is a controversial topic, especially for Cambodian. 

A few weeks after our workshop we heard that the USAIDS program of the US Embassy offered a competition on fighting against the gender-based violence to the public. We weren’t really making this video for the competition but it was at the right time which that was when our consent video came in. 

Consent itself means the rights to say NO. Our team submitted a video talking about consent below two minutes duration. We weren’t expected to win the competition but we did. We were the top winner of the whole competition. 

Have a look at our video that posted in the USAIDS facebook page that reached all the way to more than 20K:


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