Technovation Mentorship

During 2016 I was apart of the technovation girls challenge participant and now, 2019 I was apart of the technovation mentors. I am so happy to be able to work with my second cohorts to guide them and mentor them through the whole technovation 12 weeks long. 

I was assigned to work with one of the teams with the other two mentors. It was my first mentoring so I already knew that not everything will be great and yes, not everything was great. There were times, they stuck, they broke down, they upset, they cried but we all pushed them back up. The word competition means, challenge, goal, and achievement. Nothing is a failure for any competition, if not today it will be next time. 

I was inspired when I was a participant that is why I decided to be a mentor for this challenge. It is ain’t easy like people think the mentor is. The mentor has a task which is not to tell the answer to the students. But most of the time I broke the rules 🙂

Throughout this process, I’ve learned one lesson in life. It is all about believe in yourself and forgives yourself. Nobody else going to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. It all starts from you, me and each individual. Technovation is for girls and those girls should take this as pleasant and should continue to look forward to opportunities like this to help their country to become a better one. 



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