Literacy Unit 2: Communication

Communication is an essential skill that everyone in this globe is using to deliver their message and interact with each other. Without expressing our gestures, we won’t be able to receive a clear information from the other person and it is significantly valuable to be able to have this skill and keep it with us everywhere we go and every time we are doing anything. 

During our second unit of literacy, we went over different types of communication skill that requires us to use in our life. The four types of communication skills that we went over in class were body language, active listening, writing a formal email and lastly video conferencing. Our goal at the end of this unit was to organize a workshop that teaches our juniors’ cohort about the four kinds of skills. 

I wanted to highlight one of the skills that I was very interested and enjoy learning the most and that was active listening.

   Active listening is a skill that everyone living on this planet should have and should practice. Without understanding what others are talking about, the world won’t be able to have peace.

The plan won’t be able to implement if nobody listens to the planner.

– Design won’t be able to present if nobody gives value and listen to the designer.

Listen to take in rather than listen to speak.

Make sure you give them value to what they are speaking because this is their turn to speak and then it’ll be you.

During our workshop, I was the facilitator of the active listening session. Personally, I love having this kind of discussion because it helps everyone to learn and gain different ideas from different people. People’s voice is so important in a way that they can help everyone grow. 

We did a few activities including telephone game, the example of mentally active listener vs the physically active listener. I really like these activities, I felt I receive so much experience or ideas from both seniors and juniors. 

Through this experience, both activities in class and during workshop have helped me as a person in school and in society to listen carefully from others and to become a more respectful person. Last thing to remember, everyone has a voice when he or she are speaking listening to understand and take it not to criticize or speak. 

Diving towards Statistical Analysis

What comes to your mind when you hear the word STATISTICS?

I believe you must’ve thought that it will be connected to data analysis, graph, bar graph,  histogram, scatter-plot, stem-plot and other data related. Well, you are correct it does relate to that.

Over the last seven weeks, we started to dive into the statistics math problems. According to the definition Statistics “is a branch of mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation.” Therefore, based on this definition you can most likely to recognize that in our class we will be doing lots of data collection, analysis and the interpretation of the data. 

In the class, we used many resources including, Barron’s AP Statistics textbook, The practice of Statistics textbook and Khan Academy, our most used technology website resource for better maximize our learning and learning of each other.


At the beginning of the lesson we went over one chapter which was to learn how to read stem-plot. Do you know what is a stem-plot? Stem-plot is a type of data visualization that depict shapes, center and spread.

Shape, center and spread are the three types of distribution that given from stem-plot, dot plot and histogram or sometimes people may use box plot to represent as well.

Based from what I learned, mean and median are the measure of center symmetric distribution: mean is an accurate measure of center. 

Let me show you some of the symbols we used in analyzing the statistical data: 

We then continue our lesson to learn about the density curve which it is a mathematical model that is always on or above horizontal axis and  has an area exactly one underneath it. Through this lesson we went over Empirical rule which is the 68-95-99.7 rules to calculate z-score and how many deviation or data is away from the mean. 

If you happen to use T-83 calculator you can generate probability or the raw data Or you can also generate a z-score from your calculator by typing: 

normalcdf(lowerbound, upperbound, mean, deviation) --> Raw data
invNorm(area,mean, deviation) --> raw data
invNorm(%) --> z-score

We then dive into correlation chapter. Correlation is what make scatter-plot to see the point correlate.   In order to describe a scatter plot it requires form, direction and strength. 


Form - linear or nonlinear
Direction - positive or negative
Strength - weak, moderate or strong

r = correlation coefficient intuition, it is the value that determine how correlated the data is together.  -1 < = r <= 1

When there is a -r it is a negative association and when there is a +r it is a positive association. 

What do you think the association of this scatter-plot?

Well the above scatter-plot show a positive association even the correlation isn’t close to each other. Remember that the mean of least square regression line is always zero. 

Most of all, I am very enjoy learning statistics even though I’m not good at it. It teaches me to think and analyze better and harder than I ever did. These are just small things that combine to explain to all of you of what I learned in math class however we learn even more than that. I will try my best even though I have no plan to take the exam next year and will keep pushing myself to try harder and harder to maximize my learning. 

Chemistry Unit 3: Determining Types of Bonding

It has been a great unit to dive into determining the types of bonds, drawing the Lewis dots structure, VSEPR model and analyzing the molecular shape and the polarity. 

There are three types of bonding such as: Ionic Bond, Metallic Bond and Covalent Bond. In order to identify which elements when combined is an ionic, metallic or covalent bond, these following characteristics will help to determine: 

Also we took a lesson on learning about the Lewis Dot Structure, it’s a structure that people would draw to help others visualize the combine elements more closely. It also help us to determined which bond is it through doing the Lewis Dot Structure. 


Through drawing the Lewis dot structure it has helped us to better determining the molecular shape and its polarity. As by seeing from the above picture, those are a kind of some diagrams in the class.  

Valence-Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion, VSEPR  Model is another kind of diagram that people draw.  Through this model we can also calculate the formal charge:  a valence electrons in the free atoms:  non-bonding electrons, bonding e-/2. 

Polarity and Molecular Shape: 

  1. Linear:  nonpolar
  2. Trigonal Planar: nonpolar
  3. Tetrahedral: nonpolar
  4. Trigonal pyramidal: polar
  5. Bent: polar
  6. Trigonal bipyramidal: polar
  7. Octahedral: nonpolar

Overall, through learning this unit, I’ve learned how to determine the boding and analyzing the molecular shape and more, I’m looking forward to learn  more things about chemistry in the next coming unit. 

Disabled Animals Round 1

What happened to those animals that were unable to walk? Think of a person that doesn’t have an arm or a leg, imagine how hard their life is?

How difficult would our life would be without our leg?

One of the exploration I took this year was to spend seven weeks working on the Disabled Animal project. It is a class that intentionally targeting the disabled animal and try as hard as we can to help them to have a better life.

So what did we do in this exploration?

Problem statement: the need for artificial limbs of disabled animals to restore function.

Mission: to create an alternative or a prosthetic animals limbs + Small Animals

During our discovery, we found different organizations in the city that work in the same field. We were able to communicate with them and went to there place to learn about the animal they host. One of the places we went was PPAWS, a veterinarian clinic in Phnom Penh. They worked with dogs and cats. There are a few dogs that were unable to walk. After this trip we sees the potential to help those disabled animals. Although our help might not be as big , however,  it might be as big for the animal that was adversary from the suffered.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue to the next round of the project which was to build the prosthetic limbs through 3D design platform and implementing it onto the animals leg. But something that I learned from this exploration, is that there’s a need to help even for the animals, life is uncertainty and we never know what really will be happen. Therefore, while we are having time, spend it wisely and help those who need our help because our small help can change their life to be better. 

Critical Teen Issues Round 1

What do you think are the critical issues that teen faced?

Imagine yourself into teenage’s shoes!

Well let me introduce you to a stressful problem that has been faced during teenagers life which is PRESSURE under the question statement of healthy relationship!

How can we tell whether it a healthy relationship or not?

Discussion has been made among the members in the class, some said: 

  • When people give big trust to each other.
  • Forgive each other when they make mistakes.
  • Give each other chance to speak.
  • Listen to each others problems and needs. 
  • Happy for each other achievement.

This is a type of discussion whereas people can based on their personal experience or what they see from the society. The result from this discussion help us to analyse that it is an uncertainty to tell what a healthy relationship is. 

We can’t really determine what a healthy relationship is, however we divided into four big position to describe the relationship. 

  • Relationship with Pair
  • Relationship with Partner
  • Relationship with Parents
  • Relationship with Society

This is a project that will go school-year long and different round will be cover different topics, like this current round we are focusing on healthy teen relationship. We did many discussion towards this idea and have surveyed junior students and senior students at our school to see their experience on teen relationship with the four positions. 





By the end of the first round we are going to organize a workshop talks about healthy teen relationship. We will be doing it with our school at the first stage, and soon we will further discuss about this with the ministry to implement this into learning curriculum in the government school.

Nora Stanton Blatch Barney

Nora Stanton Blatch Barney (Civil Engineer + Architect + Women’s Rights Activists) 


Nora was born on the 30th of September, 1883 in Basingstoke, England. She was a child of William Blatch and Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch, a Women’s Rights Activist. At the age of 87, which was on the January 18, 1971 Nora had passed away. As the daughter of Women’s Rights Activist, she was able to follow in the same path and continue to speak for the rights of women. Nora was known as Civil Engineer, Architect and a Women’s Rights Activists. She went to Horace Mann School in New York to learn about mathematics and Latin during the 1897. Her family then moved into the United State five years after.


Nora was a great example of British and American women’s movement to show the society of the women’s power during that period of time. She was one of the very passionate women to study civil engineer. And because of that in 1905 she became the first American woman to graduate from Cornell University with a degree in Civil Engineering. Her family was a very supportive source that pushed her to continue to pursue in that field, and because of her hardworking it had paid off which she became the first female member of the American Society of Civil Engineer. She then further went into engineering career and worked for the American Bridge company and for the New York City Board of Water Supply. During 1908 she was married to a guy named Lee De Forest, an electron tube inventor. She quit her job and went to help him discover and invent stuff like radio equipment.

The first female junior member of the American Society of Civil Engineer was also worked as a draftsman in the Catskill Mountains. She helped the team to build a tunnel boring machine(TBM). One of the world’s most advanced tunnel excavators(TBM) that spent about thirty million dollars was dubbed as “Nora”. It is a 470 feet long that able to pump 2500 gallons of water per minute. The reason that people named the tunnel as Nora because when she was working at the New York City Board of Water Supply for the city’s landmark water supply, Nora led the team while also worked to fight for the women’s rights. It represent the courage and the positive attitude that she gave during working and because of that action people named the tunnel as “Nora” to indicates and provide considerable inspiration as they were repairing the New York City water supply in history.

The three principles values that helped Nora to reach her goals were: first, never limit the opportunity just because of the gender you have. Nora demonstrates that even though society only value men in the field of science and engineering, however Nora prove that even if she is a woman, she was able to learn in civil engineering and even becoming the first British and American women’s civil engineer. Second, always have a positive attitude and courage for whatever field you’re working in; part of life, things not going to be perfect and result well all the time but we have to keep going, keep following and keep trying for the thing that we love. Nora demonstrates that her attitude and courage resulted a positive outcome. People saw her determination and optimism during working and because of that she got her name dubbed onto a world most advanced tunnel excavator. Last but not least, understand that society need you and it is important to deal and perform the ability that you got. In her life, her actions and attitude depicts her hard working and how she had proven that women are capable of doing science and engineering. Women is a part of helping the nation to grow, just like her experienced because of her ability as women in the civil engineering industry shows the government that women can think , design and invent just like when she helped her husband and at her workplace.


Back to the late 1800s education were mostly available and accessible for men. Topics like Science and Engineering wasn’t a popular subjects that women would want to learn and expect to do as well. But Nora, was the first woman to prove how woman can really do it. One of the most valuable thing that she’d accomplished was the motivation for women in this generation to stand up and follow their passion and going to college or university to get a degree that they love learning in. Her action inspired new generation to continue on and follow their dream.

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A Long History of America – Poem

As a final assessment for my literacy class this term, I wrote a poem about the American history through different articles that I read in class. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

It started off with one rhythm

Americans Citizens

They experienced love, scarcity, depression, success

They tried to fight for their liberty or else for death

“Give me liberty or Give me death”

Patrick Henry a man with kindness

His rousing speech resolved huge stress

Persuaded his country to battle for what is best

It took a while to escape this mess

Strictly bound under pressure from the British

That’s why they asked for either freedom or death

A year later, they received liberty and began their life with faith.


1781 the story of Native Americans

The story of unfairness has yet to end

Thomas Jefferson a cunning man

His four letters were all intense

He wanted the Indian to give up his land

Like getting rid of the dirty shirt that stuck with stain

His tone started off nice but blaming at the end

He used rhetorical devices to convince Ben

He was acting very gentle but he actually pretend

However assimilation did not happen

And all Indians keep fighting till the end.


Here comes the Civil War, 1861

Split Southerner and Northerner bond

The South needed slaves to work upon

Such growing crops like wheat and corns

The North was anti-slavery and they held on

“Climate was the roots” that split the one

Laws have been made and spread beyond

This whole nation and its phenomenon

Black Africans became the target that the US want

They became property to sell and were put-on

The auction block to be bought

And shipped them out, to the place they did not belong

Fiercely manipulate the Black Africans upon.


Then the immigration was discussed

The U.S. worked to exclude certain immigrants in the past

They need to be physically strong, healthy and fast

The U.S. immigration laws were strict and was difficult to pass

29 probing questions is a difficult task

It’s not like when students playing bluff

And those immigrants have to determine that they can climb up this massive mast

If they make it, their life will be better compare to their past.


And this is just a small part of America’s history, that I learned in class

United States has changed so fast!


AMERICA a country of GROWTH and CHANGE!

Unit One: Working as a Chemist

Chemistry!!! Yea….

First of all, how would you define Chemistry?

Well according to the definition Chemistry means, “the branch of science that deals with the identification of the substances of which matter is composed;” Generally, people would describe that chemistry is the study of chemical substances. 

Our class began with learning about strategies that the chemist do to complete their work.

In order to finish a lap report a chemist need to follow this steps: 

  • Observation/Problem: Something that you have notice and you wonder.
    • Qualitative: No data or number involve
    • Quantitative: Measured with numbers
  • Hypothesis: Statement that we believe it’ll happen in the experiment.
  • Experiment: Testing/Set up
    • Data: #Result
    • Conclusion: Analyse and conclude the testing result.

We also learned how to set up an experiment:

  • Control variables: factor that being controlled
  • Independent variable: factor that being tested 
  • Dependent variable: factor that being measured
  • Control group: does not get independent
  • Experimental group – same as control but gets independent variable.

Personally, chemistry is a very hard topic but I will try my best and work hard in order to achieve and complete this course successfully. 


America – Literacy Unit


Part of English literacy class this year we started off learning the history of the United States. U.S. got a long story to talk about in their history. The history involved sadness, awfulness, happiness, victory, racism, discrimination etc.

We read various articles every week to learn about different stories of the America and answered some questions about the articles:

  • Give me liberty or Give me death
  • Causes of the American civil war
  • Thomas Jefferson writing on the American Indian
  • America’s shifting views on immigration
  • Excerpt from the jungle (Meat Packaging Industry)
  • The Great Depression

Highlight of my response about the Meat Packaging Industry: 

Back in the 1900s, the meat packaging industry would use various ways to cover up the spoiled meat. Based on The Jungle-“meat that was taken out of pickle would often be found sour,”-therefore they bound it up with soda to remove the smell because when the meat got spoiled, the factory can’t used it for anything else besides – “chop it up into sausage.” They then would use, “a machine consisting of a hollow needle attached to a pump; by plunging this needle into the meat,” so they could stuffed – “a ham with pickle in a few seconds.” “To pump into these the packers had a second much stronger pickle which destroyed the odor,” meaning in order to get rid of the bad smell and cover up the spoiled meat, the packers then have to carry on ways that being mentioned to cover up the spoiled meat in the factory.

This unit, especially reading the excerpt is very challenging for me but I will work hard and try my personal best to reach my goal. It is not just about my comprehension skill but it also but my writing skill. It is important to get the ball rolling and find a better way that I will be able to become a successful English learner.

Preparation for upcoming REAL SAT Test

As mentioned from the previous post, the start of our school year was doing two weeks of PSAT bootcamp. In the bootcamp we learned some new strategies to solve math problems quicker than we thought we would do. After the bootcamp we continue to work on areas or topics that we were less confident about. Some of the topics that we went over in the class were: unit circle, circle function, circle theorem, circle equation, trigonometry (SOHCAHTAO), imaginary numbers, complex number and last but not least functions of equation. 

Those topics areas were found to be the hardest areas for the students. We went over all of those topics together with our facilitator. After reviewing the topics once again, everyone including myself were seems to be more confident and better understanding about it. One of the topic that I really like about during class was learning about the unit circle with trigonometry. 

I learned that –>  cos(x) = sin (π/2 – θ).

By using the unit circle to find the sine and cosine for right triangle will help us efficiently finish the question faster and easier. 

cos (2π/ 3) = -1/2

sin (3π/ 2) = 1       
sin( -120°) =-3/2  tan(3π/ 4) = -1 

We also used Khanacademy as the tool to help us practice our SAT and those areas that we confused about. Everyday, our facilitator would spend about the first 30 minutes to explain or go over problems and the left over of 25 minutes we would spend our time working independently on topics that was going over earlier in the class. Using Khanacademy and being able to ask my facilitator when I have questions is very helpful. As we are preparing for applying to college we need to take the SAT test to prove the school about our English and Math. Therefore, I need to keep practicing and pushing myself to at least score higher by 100 points by the time I’m taking it which will be on the October 6th.