Grants Writing of Geography in Cambodia Book

Over the past school years, first cohort students have published many books, two of those books were the Cambodian Economy and Wildlife Animals in Cambodia. Currently, the second cohort students (Junior Students) are working on and is planning to publish the book called Geography in Cambodia.

The creativity of junior’s works on their Cambodia Geography trip.

So as part of my project, we are working on writing the grants application describing this project, to apply for the grants from a foundation in Australia whose team is always giving out money once the year. This is not a senior project, therefore all the stories and editing of the book will be in our junior cohort.

Junior’s work on each province they learned.

We believe that by completing this grants and sent out to the people at the foundation, will help junior to be motivated on keep on working and spread the words about this book and be the first book to publish about The Geography in Cambodia.

Virtual Research Skill Tips!

Research skill has been one of the fun, enjoyable and creative expertise where I learned so many tricks in which help me a lot to become a better researcher. This isn’t about hacking Google or different sources to get the information we want. 

But what research is actually mean is, when you actually run out of idea and don’t know something and you need to know about it, so you need to find the inside story about it. 

There are different kind of research a Scientific research and a Literature research. 

  • Scientific research is you doing your own research and do the data collection.
  • Literature research is when you do reading studies/accounts from others people.

So, why do you want to do research? That’s because:

  • To learn more about the topic
  • To gather evidence to build an argument
  • To make connections between one idea and one another
  • To contribute something new to the “scholarly conversation”

When you are doing research, do you think it hard to find the information you want directly? 

This are some tips that will help you! Are you ready? : 

1. Using five Ws (When, What, Where, Why, Who) and one H (How) to ask about the topic you want to research.

2. Using Boolean Operators – AND, OR, and NOT:  Cambodia and Southeast Asia

3. Using Boolean Searching – Phrase searching:  “Liger Leadership Academy”

4. Using credible source such as: .gov, .edu, || warning: Don’t trust Wikipedia but it can be the first link to start your research.

5. Using Google Scholar, it is free and you may get what you looking for!

AP Computer Science

As part of the Expertise classes, I have applied to be one of the member learning in AP Computer Science class. I used to do a little bit of coding which is in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and a little bit of JavaScript programming languages. In Computer Science, they have what’s called a programming language which is a formula or a language that the programmers or the computer scientists write to communicate with the computer and tell the computer what to do. Part of these, Java is the language that we learn in the AP Computer Science class. 

public static void main(String args[]){
 Scanner myScanner = new Scanner(;
 System.out.println("What is your name?");
 String name= myScanner.nextLine();
 System.out.println("Hello," + name);

These lines of codes above were one of the practices in the course. Those lines of codes are for the computer to ask the user, what is their name? and let the user input their name in, then the computer print. 

Coding is hard and requires a lot of patients. If there are any syntax errors or missing some kind of codes like, semicolon, hence, the computer won’t be able to analyze and so the program won’t be running. That is why programmers are needed to have an organization where they could understand their codes that goes in order. However, coding has brought programmers in connecting them with the computer very easily, instead of doing really complicated codes, we can write short simple codes and let it print a piece of artwork. Just like the example of the codes below: 

System.out.println("|      |");

What do you see in this four lines of codes?
- Answer this question in the comment box below: 
 1. A Star
 2. A House
 3. A Bear
 4. I could see four lines of codes.

By the end of this course, some students are further practice for the AP Computer Exam during May. I am one of them whose will be taking the big exam. It has been a lot of challenging to learn this new kind of programming language but by not giving up on the course may lead me to a good result.

Tour Guide of The World Booklet

As part of the expertise, I studied in a class called Tour Guide of the world. This is an expertise where all of the students, are doing the research on a specific needs that the guide should be use during the tour. We learned how to solve the problems when something emergency happened. We learned about the ways to get interest from the visitors, and many others more stuff. As a tour guide, you wouldn’t want your visitors to not happy with you, so instead make  smile on their cheek, talk something that is fun and can entertain them, that they would want to join your tour once again.

Model United Nations – ISPPMUN 2017

During October 20, 2017 I was so happy to be apart of the International School of Phnom Penh Model United Nation (ISPPMUN) of 2017. At the conference I represented as the delegate of the United State of America. This event lasts for three days, which were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My committee was General Assembly 1 which were discussing about the topics of, the question of regulating small arms and lights weapons proliferation, the questions of using private military and security company, and last is, the role of resilient healthcare in global security. On the second day I worked with many other delegates to finish up our resolution on the topic relates to resilient healthcare. We then have the debate section where all the delegates in the room involved in discussing on our resolution. Some of the delegates have made the amendments to add or strike or amend different clauses. This was my second times of participation as the delegate and I felt that every year I learn more and more about how this MUN system is run like and understand the flow of debating. The experience that gain from this event is the collaboration, hard work, competition between us and the other delegates. On the third day of the conference there was a plenary section, which were debating on the resolution that I have made with my others five delegates. I was able to go up on the big stage and talk to the multitude of people and as I talk I can see that there are more than 200 pairs of eyes were staring at me. It was terrified to me but I was so happy to be apart of this big conference and the chance to represent as the delegate of USA from Liger Leadership Academy.

This is my resolution that were discussed the plenary section:

Podcasting (LigerCast)

In our school learning curriculumn, we have one project that called Expertise. In the expertise their are so many projects that the facilitator lead. One of the project called Podcasting this class is lead by Richard. In this expertise every students learn how to edit the voice and changing the sound and edit sound by using the program called Audacity. The goal of this expertise is to publish as many episode of the podcast as many as possible. Liger students had been working really hard to record and making the last 3 episode of the podcast. The three podcast that we finished were Hidden Voice, Our Middle Class Hero and Spiritual in Cambodia. For the hidden voice podcast is talking about the endangered songs which is the goal of our team is to encourage all the elders in Cambodia to tell us about the old songs that they knew and it seem like nearly endangered. For Our Middle Class Hero is an episode that talk about a man who work at Liger and really change his life by the 11 characteristics that our school had and really determined to do his work. For the spiritual in Cambodia is an episode that talk about the Cambodian believed in ghost and all the spiritual in Cambodia.

All of the episode we spend so many weeks and days to working on. To publish one of the podcast we need to have a big topic which we will talk about, then we need someone to interview to the people that know about this topics. After interview we need someone to do transcripts, then we need someone to write a script for the host (people who start of the ligercast) and also for the producer. After having all of that steps done we need to record our sound at the studio and after we finished record we need to give the file to the editor so they can edit.

Remember: To publish one podcast is not easy we really need so many things to go along together.

Visit this link to get to our podcast:

Leadership – Independent Discovery

Over the past 7 weeks I’ve been working in one project by myself to discover about Leadership.  All of the information that I’ve been reasearch and read the books and the advice from my teachers is all in my Indenpendent Discovery Blog. My big goal for this Independent Discovery is to learned more about leadership.

So visit this link to get to my blog and learned more about what is Leadership?



Eyes In The Sky (TedX)

On the 14th, November of 2015 I had participate with many speakers from many international school to give a TedX talk speech. My speech was about the Eye In the Sky that talking about the pros and cons when we incorporate Haw-eye II into our law enforcement. Before I give a speech to the audience I felt very nervous and scared because am afraid to make mistake on the stage when am given my speech. Then after I finished my speech I was so proud of myself that I can do it.

Tedx - Sovannou