Standardize Aptitude Test PREP

Way back to October 14th, I spent my whole Saturday morning to take the SAT practice test as part of my math preparation for my future years of university.  The SAT was very challenging and has driven me crazy after I taken this first practice. In SAT their is Writing and Reading part and Math part. One of the most challenge part was taking reading test and math because they uses high vocabulary which was very confuse and the concept which I have never learn such as finding the length of the circle. My goal till the I’m taking this test again is to work on my weaknesses and will try my best to practice at least once or twice a week. Although, this is my first time but by the time I take it again, I’m surely thinks that I will be ready for it. 


Learning Variety Topics In Math

One of my favorite class to learn is Math. I am now in High-school, so the way I used to learned math hasn’t been the same as before. I love learning and challenging myself to a next level of understanding so that I can be success in my life. Algebra was one of the topic that I learn in math. I love algebra but I am not good at it. Eventually even those I am not good at it I still try my best to understand from my facilitator and friends. They are always be there for me to motivate me and encourage me. In class our facilitator had given us a very good source to learn and practice our self at home or when we free time. This source is called Khan Acedemy. This source was such a helpful source even those sometimes it’s get boring when we see too many words come up on the screen but I still really enjoy and love learning Math.

These are some of the pictures in our math class: