“The Network”

Over the last seven weeks before the end of school year started to emerge, I was pleased to be apart of the member of the acting exploration. “The Network” was the play that produced by Christian Kiley and was used to be our theme for performing. 

My role in the exploration was a producer, somebody whose is in charge of marketing and finance team. It was a challenge role, I believed it was difficult the first time I started it  but after I found my way out and work with my teammates, I can see improvements have been done. 

About three weeks later during exploration, I got an exciting news that I could become one of the important character in the play. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and have that acting experience. I was enrolled as A, a character that combined both outside world and internet world together on the network. I figured out that A is a character that under manipulate by one other character in the play. If I were to compare between this play and the real world, I would say many of the people living on Earth whose used internet now are experienced in it. 

Internet have taken everyone attention and drawn everyone in a social media world. But it have help both in positive and negative aspect. An example from my writing prompt activity was: A time that technology has impacted my life was when my dad got into an accident. Way back then, I posted an old picture of me with my dad with apologizing words. I wrote a sorry caption plus and emotional emojis. On that same week I received many sweet and motivates comments and messages from different people. And because of those texts, it have helped me to feel so much better with lots of love from friends and family members from far side. In that situation, The Network have helped me and my family to feel so much better after.

Besides working on producer job, Everyone got to participate in many acting activities. One of my favorite acting activity is bus stop station. This is when each person got a line of who their character or person is and then they will be going to the bus stop and act out who their character is without telling the audience but after everyone done we would guess each character. This experience some how teaches me ways to be able to become a better actor.  

So by the end of the exploration, we finally got to show our first full-length play to Liger, many other international schools and expats in Phnom Penh. The play was performed at Department of performing arts. This experience lead me to better understand the important of acting and being a producer, I learned to be flexible and become a better actress. 

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Workshop

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is what people called HIV. This virus has been known and heard all over the world and has spread from one to one within an ideal period of time. Not many Cambodian have learned or know anything about HIV/Aids, therefore our team decided to implement a four hours long workshop in order to spread the words toward Cambodian teenagers because about only 40% of them learned about HIV/Aids. 

Mission Statement: “Cambodian youth combating HIV/AIDS discrimination through normalizing conversations, dispelling common myths, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, and treatment.”



“People don’t die because of HIV, they die because of the diseases that enter the body because of AIDS,”


The workshop was broke down into 4 different sessions: 1. General information about HIV/AIDS including some activities. 2. Prevention – Transmission/Prevention 3. Treatments 4. Stigmas/Discrimination.

I was one of the session leaders and was a part of Transmission and Prevention session. It was a very sensitive topics to talk about and every teams whom came in always afraid to share their ideas, so I was apart of encouraging them and making them feel warm and welcome. As one the representative of the HIV/AIDS workshop organizers, I am so grateful for every participation time and the words that share from their heart and I was pleased that everyone were open and honest about this sensitive topic and were willing to share. 

*Just because these populations are “high-risk” for contracting HIV, this does not reflect on their behavior or who they are as people.*

Lastly, I am hoping that by having this workshop we will be apart of making change toward the percentage of Cambodian youth education about HIV/Aids.

Discussing the issue of HIV/AIDs with KHANA

On the 12th of March, my team and I visited a place called KHANA. We met two guys one named Rathana and one name Sokchomroeun. They talked to us about what they do to be apart of helping people living with HIV(PLHIV) in Cambodia. Our goal of meeting with them is to know about their organization as well as talking to them about our idea of creating a workshop as a way to raise awareness for Cambodian youth. 

This organization was established in 2000. The full name of KHANA is Khmer HIV At National Alliance. Their organization is start to help those people and empower those who have HIV to take care of themselves, taking treatment and helping them in their community. 

There are different groups of people that they targerted to work with such as: 

  1. Female entertaining workers ( Smart girls club)
  2. MSM (M Styles club)
  3. Transgenders (Srey sros club)
  4. IV vaccine drug  user (Cm-put – Mit orbrom Mit)

We talked with them about one hour and a half. By the end of the talked they gave us such good feedback and ideas in which we could add on to our workshop planning. Without this organization, PLHIV would be less hope for living but now everyone is happy to be living and smile once again.

Visiting New Hope For Cambodian Children

On the 2nd of March, my exploration group visited NHCC organization which located in Kampong Speu province which its mission is to help those children who have HIV positive to have place to live, food to eat, place to learn and to have a better family where everyone is welcome.

All the children living in this organization are HIV positive. However, this place is where they can build themselves up  to become the changer of their country. 

We met Kathy, the founder of the organization. She took us around the campus and tell us stories in which it was a great time spent for learning the experience of people living with HIV. 

The area was in a total 8 hectares. Students there were growing plants to sell to the middle men and to get money to buy what they wishing for.  

"All children here, is raise to become bosses!" - Kathy

One of the story that affect me the most was to hear from a girl named Kolayan. She is a 14 year-old-girl which her birthday was on the 5th of February. I said a Happy Birthday to her and I can see how happy she is to hear it. I asked her a question, which I also asked her the permission to ask whether it is appropriate to ask or not and she said it okay and I can ask. Therefore, I asked her a question which was, “Do you afraid of your surrounding when you go back home to visit your family?” I was so shocked to hear her answer and she told me that. “I am not afraid anymore because I rarely visit my house and when I go home once in a while, people thinks that the HIV have gone from my body already, then they just don’t care and I also don’t really care about it as well because I think that just let what they thinks keep going and because I don’t think they need to know or analyse whether I am an HIV positive person or not .” Her words surprised me because my thought was that she going to said she afraid but she was telling me that she wasn’t at all and that’s what I want to hear because those positive words are what cheer those people up to be strong.

I believed these kids are strong and through helping them
to learn to get good education, those kids will find 
their passion one day, in which they should know that
they an important part for the country development.

Meeting with UNAIDS Cambodia

During 13th of February, a group of students including myself, went to UNAIDS in Phnom Penh to find out more information about Cambodia current status about HIV/AIDS. We met a lady named Vladanka Andreeva who is the country director of UNAIDS in Cambodia. 

Source: http://www.unaids.org

We spent about two hours discussing this issue and listening to her presentation about the work of UNAIDS. UNAIDS was established during 1996. The goal for UNAIDS is to accomplish the public health threat by 2030 using their sustainable development goals. 

From what we talked, Vladanka told us that about 71 thousands of Cambodia’s population is currently living with HIV, and out of that number 35 thousands of them are women. 81 % of them are needed treatment in Cambodia.

Source: Population living with HIV – http://www.unaids.org/en/regionscountries/countries/cambodia

There are 5.1 million in Asia and the Pacific and 1.8  million of them are women. Unprotected sex are most likely to be the big cause of aid. UNAIDS is progress towards the goal of 90-90-90 targets, which they are trying to get no baby born with HIV positive which they can have a legal barrier. 46.9 million USD has been funded by the international to Cambodia.

UNAIDS also create, what’s called a Community Based Project HIV which is from: 

  • Peers to peers 
  • Education program
  • By travel to the place

December 1st is the World Aid’s day. Aids is not a disease that can cure but it is a kind of syndrome.

Regarding to our talk, this type of disease remained one of the scariest diseases that everyone in Cambodia and the whole should know and need to taking care of themselves from getting it. If a person is having an HIV positive this mean that, the person can spread this HIV to others and in which he or she really needs to be careful and get treatment every day in order to stay healthy and live longer. A person living with HIV, aren’t mean that they are not a human, therefore, discrimination is not what everyone should react to those who have it.

This meeting was such a great experience where we learned so many new information and that that information is what helps us to better understand on Cambodia HIV current status data numbers. This also helps us to get prepared for making our final product for this exploration.

Second Discovery on Dinosaur Footprint

On the 8th of February 2018, my team and I, traveled all the way up to Battambang with two Thai paleontologists to analyze the footprint that we have found at the site a while ago. 

Our project has come as a result that the prints or casts that we found during our first discovery were a Flute Casts. Meaning it was a cast that got affected by the river flows that pushing it through those stones which affect the stones to turn it that way.


It is a pleasure, to have our two Thai paleontologists (Romain and Tida) to help us through with the three days of 12 hours workshop session and a field trip this week.

Even though the result of our project wasn’t what we all were expected, however, we are still feel optimistic on keep on moving forward with this project and will try to raise awareness on Dinosaurs in Cambodia!


Vex Robotics Competition – Beta-B

This is my second time to be apart of the Vex Robotics Competition. The first experience was scary, but the second was absolutely unforgettable and memorable of my first time having to compete with all girls members of our team.

February 3rd was the competition date. It was such an incredible experience where we met about 19 others different teams from Thailand, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan. We were one of the teams from Liger whose chosen to represent our school and our country, Cambodia. 

The game this year is called Vex cone in the zone, meaning we are earning points by putting the cones on to mobile goal or stationary or by putting mobile goals into different point zone. The game wasn’t that easy since that was our experience. 

We were having 1 practice round and 5 qualifying matches. During the qualifying matches, we won in a total of three games and lost by small points in two games. In which we were ranked to be in the 11th placed out of 21 teams.

However, a team from Kazakhstan and a team from Thailand was honored to invite us to be their alliance in which they were the top 1st place and 2nd place of the whole competition, therefore we automatically got into the semi-final. Because of winning the semi-finalized match, we got into the final round and in which we won the whole game with our two alliances. 

By the end of the competition, we won one of the trophies which were awarded on the winning three teams of the whole competition. This one experience has taught me and show me the importance of technology and how have technology like the robot could help us, students learn.

Liger Digital Currency Launching

After every seven weeks of the exploration, the students will be then going to present about there final product to different groups of people. Liger Digital Currency, has been my most and long term continuation project, and I love it. So far, this exploration has been run for three round in which I was in all of the three. Since I was in all of the rounds, I can see how much I have grow from this one and specific project and understand much clearer about the project as far as getting  another challenges. 

During the 27th of November, I was presenting, the growth of Liger Digital Currency and how has these project becoming. We has successfully launch our LDC and senior students are currently using it. This project will also be a part of helping to secure the Liger cashing system in which the students now can save there money with worry. I am so proud of what my team has achieved and the effort that we put in as a team. 


Tos-Tov APP — Process of Validation

Within the framework of exploration, Tos-Tov, in English means “Let Go!” This project is one of the longest and a continuation project that I has worked on about a year ago. Intentionally, the application is run to help solve passengers and drivers problem as part of their daily life. You might never notice things that always happen to passengers when they go the bus station to find the car. Thus, as soon as the driver saw a motorcycle that  deliver people with bags, they then run quickly and will pull the passengers down of the motorcycle. This is a problem where we all should be able to stick our heads in and analyse the needs in this field. So, my team decided to conduct app as an alternative solution for both drivers and passengers.

During November 19th, my team and I, visited Takeo central market which located in Takeo Province. The interview went very successfully, while many of the passengers and drivers are seems to be interested in our solution and as looking forward to work with us. In this process of validation, passengers has gave us such a good advice and answer to help us develop more ways to help them and to be apart of their helper in their daily day life.

It was a two hours interview, different people inputs so many perspective which was a really good sign for us to see how people interact with us. Their opinion and thought are what leads us and help us to have a better analyse and research more about the problem and understanding their needs. Therefore, by doing this survey, my team has understood the differences among each passengers and drivers. This is not our first time of doing survey but everytime we has taken another step out of our team comfort zone, it has helped us to think that Cambodia need our help and we will try our best to help them to make our country better tomorrow.  

Dinosaurs Discovery In Battambong

On September 25, 2017, my exploration group traveled all the way up to Battombang Province to expand our learning experience of dinosaurs. We spent two days discovering and investigating the footprints on the stones at the site. I learned a variety of skills such as field methodology and fossil identification techniques. I also made castings of the footprint by using plaster and clay. My team found approximately 16 footprints during the two days at the site. This experience has motivated me to be resilient while working in hot conditions and exploring new scientific methods. The knowledge gained from this made the scientific method more relevant and understandable.