How have sports effects me, as a person?

Sports has been one of the most inspiring activities and subject for me as a student. When I was young, I never have imagined how has sports were apart of changing my life. Liger has inspired many female students like me, to involve more in sports and learn to understand how sports acts an important role in the gender gaps.

My first thought was that I am a girl and I won’t be able to learn and make it and there is no way that I can be strong just by doing sports. But no, after a few years later I figured out that I was wrong. Sports has brought me many opportunities and great life lessons.

Without Frisbee training, I wouldn’t be able to travel abroad to have the international championships. Without basketball training, I wouldn’t know how to dribble and working in a team with my others friends in school. Without football, I wouldn’t know how football system is like.

Sports has affected me in a way where I noticed myself that I am able to realize the potential and the energy as an athlete. It not late to learn, because you always have time to make yourself learn and enjoy the new experience of physical activities.

Playing Soccer

Every Tuesday all girls students from Liger get ready to learn and play football at spourt court with the teacher. We all were really excited to have this activity appear. In football class we not just only study from the teacher and pratice we also study the theory from teacher so that it is easy for us to understand. Usually we all play for fun but also we compete with other schools. We been compete as a friendly with many schools and we all get a lot of experience from all of that game.