Khmer Literature and Culture Festival

As a Cambodian youth, its our obligation, our duty to preserve our beautiful culture and language that was passed down from our ancestors. The culture that is soft and well-structure. It is important that we, the new generation should do something to not letting it fade. The less worry and care to it, the more chance it will be lose and forget about. 

On the 24th of May 2019, all of the Liger Leadership Academy students had worked and conducted a fruitful festival that contained many things that related to our culture. I was one of the lead role in the organizing team. I felt so happy to be apart of this culture and this team that trying to preserve our wonderful history. 

Everything was organized by every single one of the Liger students. We got funded from the USA embassy, Plantation Hotel and Sousdey Cambodia. Without them this event won’t be able to happen. As well as thank you to the monks, the speakers, the judges and everyone who attended the event it incredibly honor to be hosting you. 


At the end of the day everyone finished up their booths with smiles because we never thought that this festival will be successful like the way it turned out. More than 200 students turned up at our school with smile and curiosity. I am hoping that we can host this as an annually event again every year and we hope to see more people come in. 


Technovation Mentorship

During 2016 I was apart of the technovation girls challenge participant and now, 2019 I was apart of the technovation mentors. I am so happy to be able to work with my second cohorts to guide them and mentor them through the whole technovation 12 weeks long. 

I was assigned to work with one of the teams with the other two mentors. It was my first mentoring so I already knew that not everything will be great and yes, not everything was great. There were times, they stuck, they broke down, they upset, they cried but we all pushed them back up. The word competition means, challenge, goal, and achievement. Nothing is a failure for any competition, if not today it will be next time. 

I was inspired when I was a participant that is why I decided to be a mentor for this challenge. It is ain’t easy like people think the mentor is. The mentor has a task which is not to tell the answer to the students. But most of the time I broke the rules 🙂

Throughout this process, I’ve learned one lesson in life. It is all about believe in yourself and forgives yourself. Nobody else going to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. It all starts from you, me and each individual. Technovation is for girls and those girls should take this as pleasant and should continue to look forward to opportunities like this to help their country to become a better one. 



Cambodia First Female Frisbee League

I was from a non-sports background family, my parents aren’t big fans of the sport. They didn’t even allow me to play sport for the first time but I broke the rule to follow my passion and play as many sports as I could. I was introduced to frisbee in 2013 and was fell in love during 2016.

From frisbee, I got any opportunities to travel abroad and play with many other international players. Frisbee became one of my most favorite sport to play.  Because of this reason, I decided to join the Cambodia First Female Frisbee League exploration to bring rural girls into sport, break the barriers of boys and girls and change the cultural norms.  

This is a year-long exploration. We worked as hard to bring this girl into the field. Our timeline was up and down. There was a time when we stuck but everyone brought their positive attitude and thoughts towards discussion which made our team grow and continue to reach our goal. 

Currently, we are working with four schools in four random teams. We train them once a week on Saturday. So far we conducted more than 10 official training and exhibitions. We are planning to run our league at the start of June. We will be hosting our final league in August and we hope more than 1k people will show up. 

“Follow our Facebook page to get the most updated information

Our impact measurement for this exploration are Liger, Villages, Girls, Schools, Government, International, and Sponsor community. One of my impact measurement was writing an essay, here is a quick overview:

The Overcoming Fear

“Girls, get off the field! We need to train for a tomorrow
football match!”

A loud sound coming out from one of the boys in the
government school soccer team. A field that supposes to open
for public but changed into a single-gender public. The 
field that had always dominant by the group we called 
brother, boyfriend, uncle, and dad!

“What’s wrong about us sharing the field?”

A tiny sound of one girl tried to seek out the opportunity
for her gender group. A fear that tells more than one form
of the story through the blurry tears in her eyes.

“You girls are just not good enough!”

A sound of the big brother, boyfriend, uncle and dad,
laughed at a group of female that asks to share the field.
A moment that the male group celebrating the victory of 
winning the field from the female group. Memories that 
delivered one message: “Girls just not good enough!”

That was a time that she experienced.

That was a time that she cried.

That was a time that she upset to be born as a girl.

That was a time that she learned to be stronger.

That was a time that she learned to pursue further no 
matter what. 

“Don’t you think you can’t play? Umm.. and don’t wear sports
jersey it doesn’t look swag on you girls!”

A sentence that used to speak from one mouth to mouth 
that became a habit from generation to generation. 

Consent Video (Critical Teen Issues)

Earlier in the year, I posted one post about one of the explorations I was involved in which was the critical teen issues. One of the topics that we were discussing was consent. Consent is a controversial topic, especially for Cambodian. 

A few weeks after our workshop we heard that the USAIDS program of the US Embassy offered a competition on fighting against the gender-based violence to the public. We weren’t really making this video for the competition but it was at the right time which that was when our consent video came in. 

Consent itself means the rights to say NO. Our team submitted a video talking about consent below two minutes duration. We weren’t expected to win the competition but we did. We were the top winner of the whole competition. 

Have a look at our video that posted in the USAIDS facebook page that reached all the way to more than 20K:


Year Six_Changing Cambodia

I began my new year with a book and a pencil stood at my desk at home in the province. I was unsure; but I remembered – I was ruminating about my next school year plans. I was certainly worried; however, I have to be headstrong, in order to take the agency over my knowledge. By stepping out toward another year with missions, I already knew that there was already another pile of challenges was waiting for me. I was stunned by what I have accomplished way back a few years ago and still – I want to keep doing it! “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mohandas Gandhi stated, this quotes got introduced to me during the very first day of my literacy class by my facilitator Cara Shelton. New year, old-me – I planned on to continue to contribute something new, something that aren’t many Cambodian have ever experienced: it is the spirit of Frisbee. In order to get this mission going it will work by raising awareness through the Cambodian youth.

If you never taste the soup, you will never know how it actually taste like. In life, although there are part of something people are able to explain but they will never know the actual taste if they never taste it; that’s like saying a Khmer idiom which declared through generations- even though you heard everyone talking about it thousands and thousands of times but it won’t make you feel any less real when you’re able to see and and be able to experience it one time.


Frisbee is a new sport to Cambodia. Although it has been introduced a long while ago, not many Cambodian have or actually played this sport at all. And that’s because Cambodian are still lack of human resources to spread the words and the awareness throughout its society.

Change doesn’t became possible if nobody started it…

Frisbee now, became one part of my life in such that it’s now called my favorite sport. It was hard at the start of my first training but as I continued to practice, I am now able to play, but not just a “play-play” but also I am able to teach others. Frisbee is like a flat ball sport – however one facet that I like about playing this sport; Is playing in a mixed genders team. This sport allows anyone, at any ages, to involve and to play together; It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, “sexes is not required”.

Not many sport that people knew about are able to play with different groups of mixed genders but in this sport, it enabled for anyone to be apart of it. It’s slightly two years that I’ve been trained and went out to international tournaments such as: Philippine(AOUGCC), Vietnam(Mekong Cups), and Malaysia(Grizzly Bear). And those experiences means a lot to me. I learned new strategies when I got to a new places;  And because of that I want to take this as an opportunity to be able to spread and promote the spirit of this sport.

Living as human on this planet allowed us to take things for granted and as part of sharing life on Earth; I decided to be a part of my Bee-Force Cambodian Woman Ultimate team; Part of it was doing lots of physical training, practicing on my running skills and more; however, it is also about how we can spread this sport out to the people over there, whose doesn’t know; So I have now volunteered to help distribute this sport into the places at a rural side of Cambodia which is a few weeks in a while at Camkids which located in Kampong Speu province, approximately two hours drive. This sport mostly known by many citizens living in the city such as Phnom Penh but not many of those whom lived at the rural part have ever heard about it.

Being able to share this experienced to the kids is one thing but something that I want to see change being made is gender equity. Cambodian, still have that stigmas and myth that girls shouldn’t play sport with guys; But, that’s not true. This idea have to be change; girls are allow to do what they wish to do.

Part of my life is traveling; going to places and learning about something new. Back in the year I went to Battambang for my dinosaur project; On the last day we got to visit a government school and our team got to introduce different projects to the kids. I asked the director of the school to teach the kids on how to play frisbee. She was surprised and excited for her students because she said those kids like to play sport but the thing is, they don’t have that much of opportunity to learn it. So one of my friends and I taught them the throwing strategies and explaining how the game work. After a 30 minutes of throwing and 10 mins of explaining the game, 20 students who joined us have now understand and knew how to throw and are able to access this sport. That was one of my biggest achievements in the year, I could see those students’ smiles on their cheeks and I was very impressed that I was able to help them learn new sport.

Mission still continues…

Later on in the year, my team traveled down to Camkids, a school which provides students whose are living in the rural part of Cambodia to access to the education. I was pleased to see their happiness during our training. They were surprised to see something that was flat but can throw very far. A memory that I will never be neglecting; That was when one of the girls came to me in the middle of the training session with a shied and wondered looking reaction on her face; she said, “ខ្ញុំអត់ចេះគប់ទេបង!” which means, sister, I don’t know how to throw it! I looked at her right at the moment and smile at her. “That is the same feeling that I got the first time I start playing it.” I told her. After our short conversation, I started to give her instructions and grabs one of her hands to feel the frisbee and finally, she made it! She knew how to throw, catch the disc and she is now able to play after a three hours training. Before we left, we kept four frisbees for the school and we told them, “Please take care of it but played with it! Everyone are allow to play and don’t be afraid to play it.”

Everything starts from small steps.

This experienced have shared to 60 rural community students and 20 in a government schools in Battambang but this will continue to spread when those 80 speaks to one another then it’ll add up 160 then all of them speak to one another, it’ll make up 320 and this numbers will continue to rise up more and more and that’s mean those single one of the first 80 are apart of as change agents that helped everyone in this country to have skill on this new sport. For instant, this isn’t just a throwing or how to play lesson but it has taught them the spirit of the game and one important life lesson. Girls and boys are allow to play together – everyone are equally have the same rights

If he can play, that’s mean she can play!

Keep doing, keep playing, keep motivating, keep the energy, keep the strong force/moment and keep continue on walking towards it. I believed gender equity is the main and an essential key that I like about this sport. If we don’t start changing it, then who will change it?

My whole school year isn’t just about learning and training frisbee, it is just  ⅛ or maybe only 10 percents of my school life proportion. I have many others things happened in the school year but by I thought if I can start to change it then the next person will help me to spread the spirit of this game. This sport have influenced me and taught others to be strong and keep moving forward no matter what happened.

Part of being a Cambodian citizen and as change agents, I want to keep spreading and contributing more and more new experience, because this will help me and help my country to better know and catch up with the rest of the world. Frisbee changes me to understand the definition of gender, that’s mean when others start learning it hopefully they will learn this significant aspect as well. Remember, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mohandas Gandhi mentioned.

And lastly, if I never take a step forward, I will never understand that front floor. If I never talk, nobody is going to hear! So missions will begin when my hands and mouth are ready to execute it.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Workshop

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is what people called HIV. This virus has been known and heard all over the world and has spread from one to one within an ideal period of time. Not many Cambodian have learned or know anything about HIV/Aids, therefore our team decided to implement a four hours long workshop in order to spread the words toward Cambodian teenagers because about only 40% of them learned about HIV/Aids. 

Mission Statement: “Cambodian youth combating HIV/AIDS discrimination through normalizing conversations, dispelling common myths, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS transmission, prevention, and treatment.”



“People don’t die because of HIV, they die because of the diseases that enter the body because of AIDS,”


The workshop was broke down into 4 different sessions: 1. General information about HIV/AIDS including some activities. 2. Prevention – Transmission/Prevention 3. Treatments 4. Stigmas/Discrimination.

I was one of the session leaders and was a part of Transmission and Prevention session. It was a very sensitive topics to talk about and every teams whom came in always afraid to share their ideas, so I was apart of encouraging them and making them feel warm and welcome. As one the representative of the HIV/AIDS workshop organizers, I am so grateful for every participation time and the words that share from their heart and I was pleased that everyone were open and honest about this sensitive topic and were willing to share. 

*Just because these populations are “high-risk” for contracting HIV, this does not reflect on their behavior or who they are as people.*

Lastly, I am hoping that by having this workshop we will be apart of making change toward the percentage of Cambodian youth education about HIV/Aids.

Changing Cambodia 2016-2017

A microscopic change can cause a multitude of positive impacts to the entire system of a country. As an adolescent citizen of Cambodia, I have the agency to positively affect current issues in society with deliberative and deep thought. Throughout the fifth year of the school term, I investigated and address the solution to a few problems Cambodia faces today. Change agent characteristics such as communication, opportunist, passionate, proactive, initiative, competitive, networked, creative, innovative, calculated risk taker, dot connector, problem-solver, are the change agents characteristics, that influenced me to become a current change agent.

During these school year, I investigated in so many projects, such as Vex Robotics, Liger Digital Currency, Waste Management and lastly Khmer Rouge, and because of never giving up on my work, all of those paperwork, data, and the consequences from every single projects that I did are what motivate me to proceed to the next step. Every time, I travel, not just Phnom Penh but everywhere, there always something that needs help to changes. In my opinion, based on visiting difference place all around the country, currently, Cambodia’s education is still the main problem for children and everyone who lived under the poverty line. Furthermore, although there an opportunity, educational events, organization, and orphans whose offered them a learning cause or experience those people still need support. What is more, is that every single changes needs its own time to develop and speculate the problem, so that there’ll be an alternative solution in help, and just like this problem it can’t be a one minute talk and then take on an action straight away, it needs times to discover, design, discuss and document the problem and implement the solution.

So, in addition, to be a part of making a change to this problem is that, in the following month of the school year, I participated in the VEX Robotics Competition. We called our team, Botjitsu. We spent about 14 weeks to prepare for the competition. As one of the members of the team, I felt so proud of what we had done because we are the first Cambodian high school students who participate in this VEX Competition in Taiwan. During exploration, this competition required us three big skills such as coding, mechanical, fundraising skills. Simultaneously, this is our first year of doing the advance robotic, as also this competition, is going to be happening in Taiwan. This was a very challenging project to keep going, however, we all still working hard, try our best ability and of course never giving up on our work. Finally, on December 2016, we were there at the competition and it was the greatest experience, I ever had from this competition. During, STEM Festival 2017 that was happening in Phnom Penh a while ago at the Olympic Stadium, some of my teammates and I were there to give a presentation about our project. I felt very grateful for this opportunity that I can explain and introduce them to our project to many others high school students in Cambodia.  All of those students shows a lot of interest in this field and that this such competition should be introduced to them in a STEM project in the category of Technology. Moreover, since Cambodia is a developing country, government and the elders in the country who have the potential to inform those students who study in the government school about new technology or competitions that are currently happening in the country and all around the world, this will give a very positive impact to the Cambodia. Nevertheless, our team also made a presentation during our sharation at school, to showcase about our project, to many others. This sharation had given many adults in the country to change their mind that we are the change maker and we are the one who brings back the big hope for Cambodia. Although this competition does not involve in doing investigation of a specific problem of the country and finding ways to solve it, however what have this competition help me to changed Cambodia is that my team, Botjitsu had introduced Cambodia to a new opportunity and put Cambodia named out for the others countries such as Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and many more, to know who we are and realized how effective and hard-working of Cambodian new generations are. Therefore, I’m proud of myself to be a part of this team and help the team to build an accomplishment and finally spread the word out to everyone in the country.

On the other hand, I also spent most of my school time to work on Liger Digital Currency which was one of the exploration during this school term. This is another opportunity that brings Cambodia a new technology application which is similar to Bitcoin application, that many people know that it a type of visual currency. I spend more than two months in working on this project, it was very challenging, but our team still keep bearing with this project and solving the issues with my team. This project claimed a lot of hard working, concentration, problem-solving and lastly communication skill. Without these skills and characteristics, we can’t make any progress and carry on until now. This is a system which called Liger Digital Currency, this is an application or a website which everyone in the whole world can access to it, however, it’ll be using in just around Liger community for Senior cohort, which is mean that only Liger students can actually function the application since our team set the domain name for user is only for Liger students. It has two big functions such as Transferring and Exchanging. Students are allowed to transfer their money to the other student, and that they can also make an exchange with the bookkeeper who’ll be in charge of the money. While at the same time, I learned a lot about bootstrap which is a type of program and that it changes my thought a lot about the programming of the application. In this project, I worked as a user interface designer for the website, it was very hard and challenging for me, however, I still appreciate my work and still keep continue. Again, this is also not a solution that actually functionalized for solving the problem in Cambodia, nevertheless, this brings a lot of new technology, new codes and all of these are what made Cambodia becoming a standout and popular place in the world. In addition to making a change to Cambodia in this exploration is that we had share our project in our sharation and Impact Hub a place where there is full of inspirational speakers and educational idea. After giving a talk about our project, many adults shows a lot of interest through our project, which had to give us a feeling that this is a very impactable project which was designed by the new generation of Cambodia in young ages, 14 and 15 years old.

Moreover, I had studied in a waste management exploration, it was a year-long project, however, I was in the third one. This project is basically learning about turning organic waste into compost and transfer it into a business for our Liger student, in particularly solving the problem of reducing the waste in Cambodia. We figured out that there are about 70 to 80% of the waste in Cambodia is actually an organic waste, and that is why it bring us into an idea of making compost to reduce the waste. My team went to Battambang in addition, to learn and understand more about the process of making compost. We visited COMPED, an organization that provides an education to unprivileged students that lived close to there, and also a place where they created a compost pile from dry and wet waste and combine into compost, which all the waste was transferred from Battambang city. The planning of creating the organization was in 2007 and was established in 2009. This organization is in collaboration with the government in Battambang and Cintri branch in Battambang itself in the devotion of helping the community. When the organization started they were having to work with community and Cintri in order for them to get the organic waste that they were needed. But the idea of working with Cintri isn’t that efficient for the organization to do their business, so in 2015 they decided to buy their small bus for the labor to ride on to collect the waste from the market it is easier to separate waste and less money consumption. The two main places that they collect the waste from are Pumpuy Market and Bang Chuke Market these are the two targeted places that they collect from. The main waste that they are mainly collected on is cabbage but even though they still collect others kind like pineapple leaf etc. We spent a whole day with David, a guy who give us many facts and information about his business. It was a great experience from him of learning how to make compost. Moreover, we also bring our two books which Animal Wildlife of Cambodia and Cambodia Economy books to give to their school and present all of those students to learn about our country. Personally, by doing this had made me feel that I have helped those children to understand and learn by giving them a short presentation about the book I write. I also see their smiles and I just felt that all of those smiles are so touching to me and affect me as a generation who will be the change agent for my country. So, through this project, I had given many presentations to many people around me by telling them about the awareness of organic waste and how harmful it is of producing to much waste. This gives a lot of positive to the country and also me as a student.

   Another, exploration that I was working on at the end of school year is Khmer Rouge. This is also a year long project which all the students get to involve and learn about the history of horrible Khmer Rouge genocide during 1975 to 1979. We visited S-21 and Killing field to understand clearer about this terrible genocide. We spent most of our time investigate in this project and learning of how Khmer Rouge actually exists and how the senior leaders actually form their party. Pol Pot was the guy who has this terrified idea of creating this country from diamond into a small rock. As a younger generation, who had never experience and see the real things that were happened, I felt very sorry for all the people, nothing can compare. It a very powerful history of Cambodia. I learned so many things, and that I really hope that from today until the end of the world this horrible genocide or war will ever happen to Cambodia or to the world ever again. Based on this experience of learning about Khmer Rouge, our team decided to make a documentary video about S-21 reflection, Scratch project about zones leaders and a performance that involve in all Liger students. What in this video, is that it’ll be including many true facts about the genocide and the expectation of every member in my team of going to the S-21 prison. As one of the members of the team, I felt proud that I can learn about this genocide history and that I can spread the words to my families, friends, in expanding my knowledge to everyone around me and help everyone to learn about this history. So, for this exploration, what had I made a change to Cambodia is that I can share my words and my knowledge through the documentary and by talking to different people to analyze about this hot topic.

As well as, during this school term, I participated in many educational events such as Makerthon, Hackathon, Startup Weekend and Engineering without Border. These are the events which are bringing young and teenage Cambodia students to learn how to start their own business. In Cambodia, we required human resources and support from everyone in the country, of course, everybody in the country wants, peace, happiness and every sector of the economy and the whole system in the country to develop. As an adolescent for this new generation, you and I should be guiding each other through and lead each other to find our own future destination. I am proud, of myself and Cambodia, of involving such events like these. These type of events had made me felt that as a young girl to think about my country problem and finally coming up with the alternative solution is a very complicated process, so in addition to make a change in my country, I really need to consider and optimize the whole problem to make a strong solution for it. In all of those events, I was asked to think about the specific problem in my country and find a better a way that can help develop my country and prevent the problem. As an example, my team and I created an application on the phone and available on the internet, that connect everyone together with doctors, nurses, and expert to communicate about how to prevent the sickness from it getting into a bigger disease, and so this application uses SMS and messenger to connect with our application. This idea was presented to the judges during the Hackathon event, and we had been selected to be in Third Place for being a potential team to make a change. This such of events, had guided me that even though we think that there is a little problem, however, there always be many other problems that come along together which need to change and those changes starts from us. So, my team and I are hoping to publish this application and make a change to Cambodia.

In conclusion, as a young citizen of Cambodia, to have the agency to revolutionized the problem in the country, is very complicated and abstract. Last but not least, in this school year, I had involved in so many projects which lead me to see the changes and the perspective of Cambodian thinking about coding, programming, and basically Education sector. All of those projects such as Vex Robotic, Liger Digital Currency, Waste Management, Khmer Rouge and many educational events are what guide me to see the problem that I have to solve and change by implementing my solution. Finally, this year of 2017, I felt proud of myself that I had accomplished in so many projects, in which was one of the parts of making changes to Cambodia this year. As also, every year from 2012 to 2017, I had just understood and realized how many projects, I have worked on and making changes in my country. This is also a part of bringing myself in learning to the next level of life. So, during this 2017 of school, I have made those changes in my country and I believe the more I’m working hard and never giving up on my work I will always find the success destination, and of course don’t be afraid of being a failure.

Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

Since the beginning of year four, I started thinking what should I’ll be doing for this year to create some change for my country. To say out the word Change I know that it kind of very big word to say out, but if we really want to change something, we need to work hard, try hard and be a role model for the other. Everyone knows, to change something it need time. We can’t change a big thing in one minute but we can do it in a bigger time. So in order to change something or someone its need to start from our self, we should be the one who lead the other and show them the right direction to go and let them make their own way to have a successful life and a brighter future. When I was just a little girl I haven’t thought about anything else other than when I grow up I will find the best job and get a lot of money to support my family but now the opinion had changed. Since I came to Liger from 2012 until 2016 I remembered that all the projects that Liger had provide us were all important and explain how our Life is and how we can use our knowledge to help our self to understand about the real life issue and current events. During the last three years I had been involved in so many projects which had made a lot of success to my country.

There are so many problems that are now having in Cambodia. Some problems that we found out were Traffic in Cambodia , problem with their education and poverty problems.

So during this year in 2016, I had made a lot of new progress. On the 14th of November 2015 I had participated in TEDX ISPP to give a talk about Made In The Future. For this event I had give a speech and talk about Persistent Surveillance System and how this technology can help to change the world and the society. This talk have a link in Youtube which can help people in my country and the world to learn about the Persistent Surveillance System. I am feel so proud of myself and how I can give a speech and help my country.

One big project that I’ve did was my science story book. My partner was Samady we had work very hard and researched so many science topics to get the information to write the book. It was a good experience working together with Samady but also I got to created a book that could help Cambodia kids to learn about the Water Cycle. I really hope that this book can be publish out and then I will share to everyone to learn and help share the first Science story book made by Cambodian kids.

Another project that I had joined was Technovation. It was my first time to join this type of competition. This is a global competition and an opportunity for girls who wanted to joined the coding world and business world. For this project we look at the community problems and see what can we change the problem in our community. My team and I had plan and work until the national pitch arrive. It had been a 12 weeks researching. As the result this application is called LiBook. It is an app that could possibly help the students and everyone in the world to read the book by their smart phone and donate the book to the students who can’t afford to buy the books. This app made most specifically for Cambodian. Through out the survey a lot of students reply with a answer that they really wanted to have this kind of app because they can share and help others and help make a different. On the national pitch my team did a very great job of presenting to the judge but seriously we didn’t get to win the pitch but we did it. We had made our prototype of the app. By the future I will be developing this app into a real app that will allow everyone not just Cambodia to go and read book and donate the book they want to. This is a very powerful experience of learning coding and business but eventually this project also help us think about the future society as well. Even those this app had not been publish but I will develop this app and make a different for Cambodian and be the changer for my country.

One other project which really help to change Cambodian in this year was Kingdom of Wow event. This project was a crazy idea. We had only about like one month in a half to plan about what we will do for the event. This project was organize by the 4 planning committee which are Vornsar, Sovannary, Venghour and the one is actually me. But this project could not become successful with out Jaime(Facilitators) help and guide us. For this event we really working hard to make it happen. We actually went out to some government schools and international schools to work with them about our project and ask them is their students can join to compete with the others Cambodian. This project is very inspire me because I am just a 14 year-old girl and I am planning my own event and searching the talented students. On the 4th of June was the event day. Everyone was very happy and excited to see what Cambodia kids have. I am so proud of myself because I got to work in this project and be a part of the changer. This really make change for Cambodian kids who join our competition. At the end of the competition it was the great result of what we the planning committee had working very hard.

Let see what I am going up to for my next school year!!

Eyes In The Sky (TedX)

On the 14th, November of 2015 I had participate with many speakers from many international school to give a TedX talk speech. My speech was about the Eye In the Sky that talking about the pros and cons when we incorporate Haw-eye II into our law enforcement. Before I give a speech to the audience I felt very nervous and scared because am afraid to make mistake on the stage when am given my speech. Then after I finished my speech I was so proud of myself that I can do it.

Tedx - Sovannou

Minsters Visit Day

On the 12th, January of 2016, the started of new year, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport is visiting Liger and ask Liger students to do the workshop for half day for them to see who we are why we here. This is my first time to see the educated people in my country come to my school. It is my best opportunity ever that I never have before, I never get the chance to present things that I learned to Minister. I felt very proud of myself and all Liger friends that are participate in this workshop day at school. I have no words to say how much I was really happy and proud of my friends and my school. This is the best day of my life in school and the best memory that I can’t forget. I was one of the member in STEAM Team we all try really hard to make the presentation look good for minister to see. We all try our best to make it happen and show who is us and be the representative for Liger. This is the day that I think Liger students and facilitators and all the stuff are making a small change to Cambodia. This result making me imagine to have hope for my country.