Khmer Literature and Culture Festival

As a Cambodian youth, its our obligation, our duty to preserve our beautiful culture and language that was passed down from our ancestors. The culture that is soft and well-structure. It is important that we, the new generation should do something to not letting it fade. The less worry and care to it, the more chance it will be lose and forget about. 

On the 24th of May 2019, all of the Liger Leadership Academy students had worked and conducted a fruitful festival that contained many things that related to our culture. I was one of the lead role in the organizing team. I felt so happy to be apart of this culture and this team that trying to preserve our wonderful history. 

Everything was organized by every single one of the Liger students. We got funded from the USA embassy, Plantation Hotel and Sousdey Cambodia. Without them this event won’t be able to happen. As well as thank you to the monks, the speakers, the judges and everyone who attended the event it incredibly honor to be hosting you. 


At the end of the day everyone finished up their booths with smiles because we never thought that this festival will be successful like the way it turned out. More than 200 students turned up at our school with smile and curiosity. I am hoping that we can host this as an annually event again every year and we hope to see more people come in. 


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