Cambodian Economy Book Volume 2

If we go back to the year of 2015, I was a part of the author of the first volume of the Cambodian Economy book with another eight students. Back in that time, all the words and letters were all read and explained by our facilitator(Jeff). It was my pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and research but also put in the love for kids who want to know more about their country’s economy. 

We all are proud of our accomplishment, the book were signed with honor by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, Doctor Hang Choun Narang. As well as, distributing to more than 2000 copies to most of the secondary schools in Cambodia. That was my first time wrote a book at the age of 14. 

Now, I am working with my team on the second volume of the book. We were considering of implementing it into a website platform because it’ll allow anyone(world) to visit the sites as well as the cost of printing. 

In this project, I’m researching on the tourism sector of the Cambodia Economy. Tourism has been one of the fastest driving sectors of the country’s economy and is continue to contribute positive change to the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Here is a little peak towards my piece of the website:

As in the tourism sector, the services that being provided 
or as an operational frameworks are includes transportation
industry for transferring people or shipping goods such as
taxi services, city bus, subways, traditional hospitality
industries or accommodations such as resorts, hotels,
guesthouse or hostel, restaurant: foods and beverages
services providers,and everything that spent for personal
services would also circulated in the tertiary industry. 

I am so happy and pleased to be working in this project again. The project that will never be forgotten, will always continue to update and will be share to everyone. Stay tune for the website!!!!!


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