Literacy Unit 2: Communication

Communication is an essential skill that everyone in this globe is using to deliver their message and interact with each other. Without expressing our gestures, we won’t be able to receive a clear information from the other person and it is significantly valuable to be able to have this skill and keep it with us everywhere we go and every time we are doing anything. 

During our second unit of literacy, we went over different types of communication skill that requires us to use in our life. The four types of communication skills that we went over in class were body language, active listening, writing a formal email and lastly video conferencing. Our goal at the end of this unit was to organize a workshop that teaches our juniors’ cohort about the four kinds of skills. 

I wanted to highlight one of the skills that I was very interested and enjoy learning the most and that was active listening.

   Active listening is a skill that everyone living on this planet should have and should practice. Without understanding what others are talking about, the world won’t be able to have peace.

The plan won’t be able to implement if nobody listens to the planner.

– Design won’t be able to present if nobody gives value and listen to the designer.

Listen to take in rather than listen to speak.

Make sure you give them value to what they are speaking because this is their turn to speak and then it’ll be you.

During our workshop, I was the facilitator of the active listening session. Personally, I love having this kind of discussion because it helps everyone to learn and gain different ideas from different people. People’s voice is so important in a way that they can help everyone grow. 

We did a few activities including telephone game, the example of mentally active listener vs the physically active listener. I really like these activities, I felt I receive so much experience or ideas from both seniors and juniors. 

Through this experience, both activities in class and during workshop have helped me as a person in school and in society to listen carefully from others and to become a more respectful person. Last thing to remember, everyone has a voice when he or she are speaking listening to understand and take it not to criticize or speak. 

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