Critical Teen Issues Round 1

What do you think are the critical issues that teen faced?

Imagine yourself into teenage’s shoes!

Well let me introduce you to a stressful problem that has been faced during teenagers life which is PRESSURE under the question statement of healthy relationship!

How can we tell whether it a healthy relationship or not?

Discussion has been made among the members in the class, some said: 

  • When people give big trust to each other.
  • Forgive each other when they make mistakes.
  • Give each other chance to speak.
  • Listen to each others problems and needs. 
  • Happy for each other achievement.

This is a type of discussion whereas people can based on their personal experience or what they see from the society. The result from this discussion help us to analyse that it is an uncertainty to tell what a healthy relationship is. 

We can’t really determine what a healthy relationship is, however we divided into four big position to describe the relationship. 

  • Relationship with Pair
  • Relationship with Partner
  • Relationship with Parents
  • Relationship with Society

This is a project that will go school-year long and different round will be cover different topics, like this current round we are focusing on healthy teen relationship. We did many discussion towards this idea and have surveyed junior students and senior students at our school to see their experience on teen relationship with the four positions. 





By the end of the first round we are going to organize a workshop talks about healthy teen relationship. We will be doing it with our school at the first stage, and soon we will further discuss about this with the ministry to implement this into learning curriculum in the government school.

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